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BaeLee's Magical Land of Crack'

Written works

5 January 1988
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My name is BaeLee, I'm 21 and I'm fucking awesome! I'm never rude, or mean. So if it ever seems like I'm being rude, I'm not. It's sarcasm. I am a sarcastic Brat. I hate awkward situations, so I tend to put myself out there to make everyone around me feel more at ease. I'm really into learning about other cultures. Like languages and such. For the last 2 years I've been completely engulfed in Korean and Japanese things. I understand a bit of it, although when it comes to writing sentence structures... I'm lost. Right now I'm currently learning German. I love music. It's my passion. I'm a pretty decent singer. Never give me the microphone, cause well... you will never get it back. I write songs. I can play The guitar, Drums, Keyboard and flute. This one time at band camp... no. I'm an awesome artist. I love messing around with designs and textures. I love taking pictures, and staring at the stars. Stars are my most favorite thing in the whole world... I could lay outside and stare at the sky all night. I would too... if I didn't live in the woods and were not completely terrified of bears. err... I'm a really loyal person. I hate petty drama... and I do not get involved in it. err... Yes so,that's me. I also write, Check my crap out. Ish good, i would not lie to you.

Also I am a 100% Supporter of The Sons of Anarchy!!
Add me SOA fans!
--I also run a Sons of Anarchy forum. Mainly for watching episodes and submitting fanfictions. Feel free to join. XD